Why You May Want To Hire A House Clearance Company When Moving House?

The thought of moving house is stressful for most people. Lots of household items must be moved safely to the new location. The job involves packing different items, moving those items to the new destination, and unpacking all those items in the new home. Some furniture items require reassembling. It is a lot of work and without some helping hands it is not possible to handle this job. You may also need clearance services to dispose unwanted items. What if a house clearance dagenham company offers you both house removal and clearance services in one plan?

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Get Both Services at the Same Time

There are many advantages of ordering both services at the same time. You do not have to hire separate companies for waste item removals and moving house. Eliminate the need to deal with two different companies. Get both jobs done by a single company. You will save money and avoid the stress of dealing with two different companies and their workers.

Few Removal or Clearance Companies Offer Both Services

Most house clearance companies focus mainly on removing unwanted items. They take responsibility of disposing those items safely as per the local laws. You will avoid penalties by taking their help in disposing your unwanted items. Similarly, most moving companies only move household and office items. If you hire them for moving house, you will have to hire a separate clearance company to get rid of the unwanted items.

Only a few companies offer both removal and clearance services. With a combined plan for both services, you get a lower quote and fewer complications in moving house.

How to Book this Service?

You can book this service online at the moving and clearance company's website. The other option is to call its phone number and place the order for these services. You will be asked a few questions like the date when you need these services. Inform about the type, number and sizes of items you want to move. It is better to submit all such details through the web form to the moving and clearance company. You will receive better response and more accurate estimate for the services. The company will get back to you with a quote within 24 hours.

What Happens to the Discarded Items?

All discarded items will be disposed safely according to the local waste disposal laws. The clearance company complies with all such rules and regulations. It understands the implications of not complying with these directions from the authorities. You will not face any penalty for unsafe disposal of discarded items. Many household items have toxic contents and cannot be sent to the landfills. The clearance company knows which items can be sent directly to the landfills and which ones should be sent to the recycling centre. Items still usable are donated to the charities. Usable components of discarded items are extracted by the recycling company.

Get both services in one plan so you can save money and get both works done on the same day. It makes your house moving and clearance process a lot easier and manageable. Call the clearance and moving company for more information or submit the required information through its web portal to receive a quote.